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Private Henna Tattoo Session

 (Starting at $25  for a approx. 30 min session)  This depends on size and detail.
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 Belly Blessings

(Starting at $100) Bring a blessing for you and your child as you begin this new life journey together.  Photographer offers free photoshoot session.

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Healing Henna Session:

(Starting at $100) Invite Happy Henna to the hospital to visit someone you love or a friend going through chemo. Meditation/Reiki sessions available. 


Girls Night 

 (Starting at $30 per person for 2-5 ladies or $20 a person for 6 or more ladies)  Want to host the party? ($85 an hour for one artist or $150 an hour for two artists with min of 2 hours) Here is a fun way to celebrate friendship and maybe a glass of wine! Invite Happy Henna over to spice up the night. 



Bridal/ Bachelorette/ Wedding day

(Bridal starting at $100) - Must be done 2 days before wedding date
Bachelorette party/Wedding day ($85  for one artist $150 for two artist per hour with min of 2 hours)

Special Events:

(Starting at $150 per hour with a min of 2 hours. This includes two artist.) Happy Henna strives to tailor every event to each client’s special occasion. Weather it be corporate affairs or small intimate parties in your home, we guarantee quality art work and an unforgettable experience. We come to you and bring the fun with us! 
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Individual Appointments

(Starting at $20 for a approx. 30 min session) This depends on size and detail. Are you wanting to try out a henna tattoo before you get a real tattoo? Or maybe you love henna and want a new tattoo every month? Ask about your Happy Henna membership card where you could earn a free tattoo. Three day henna session: *photo* (Starting at $60) We can design your tattoo for an additional charge. Want your henna tattoo to look more real? Experience a three day tattoo where each day you come back to get a new layer of shading over your tattoo with henna and jagua. Healing Henna Session: *Photo (Starting at ?) Crowns of Glory - Hospital visits - Meditation/Reiki sessions -