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Artist Bio

Amanda Joy Henna Artist

Amanda Joy

Artist, Amanda Joy calls herself a messenger of love. Being passionate about cultures, art, holistic care and spiritual healing, she couldn't think of a better way than to create Happy Henna. Her passion only grew after designing her first henna tattoo on herself in 2010. Experiencing the mystery and healing power of henna on herself, she continued to learn and share this art with everyone she meets. She keeps a close eye to detail as all of her work is free handed with homemade henna paste. With a degree in Theology, Intercultural Studies and Teaching English as a Second Language. Her calling to be a messenger of love, lead her on a journey to explore the depth of cultural diversity in over 16 countries. Spending 4 years resettling refugees in Grand Rapids and training others on cultural competence she gained a wide understanding of how the art of henna is used around the world. When she is not doing henna, you can find her hanging out with her friends around Eastown, leading social gatherings or exploring the beauty in nature.

Assisting Happy Henna Artists


Steven Richard

Steven Richard has been an artist his entire life creating art from a variety of sources and mediums, focusing on realism in his acrylic and watercolor paintings. He has designed logos, tattoos, and does freelance graphic design. When Steven was first introduced to henna he connected with it immediately and has been practicing ever since. Having spent years designing tattoos for professional artists and friends, he has an eye for balance and composition of design. His favorite styles to incorporate are sacred geometry, tribal, polynesian, egyptian, hipster/hippie and nature. Each tattoo presents a new challenge of bringing together the design requested while also incorporating unique features that compliment the clients personality.